2014 Riverfest Board of Directors

  • Nick Bjerke – President
  • Tammy Klein – Past President
  • Barb Frahm – President Elect
  • Kira Peters – Secretary
  • Mike Schieber – Finance
  • Marion Byerson
  • Dan Hefti
  • John Kockler
  • Dave Peterson
  • *Ardie Schock
  • Katrina Meyer
  • Dan Cox
  • Mike Nelson
  • Christopher Hellesen
  • Paul Peterson
  • Commodore Leo Bronston

Riverfest Commodores & First Mates

  • Phil Quillin & Barb – 1984
  • *Burt Morris & Joyce – 1985
  • *Art Lotz & Sheryl – 1986
  • Dave Pretasky & Kim – 1987
  • *Lee Snapp & Sue – 1988
  • Tom Reinert & June – 1989
  • Bill Heinz & Wanda – 1990
  • *Ralph Clason & Joyce – 1991
  • Ed Sullivan & Sally – 1992
  • Pat Stephens & Joanne – 1993
  • Jack Miller & Janet – 1994
  • Larry Lee & Donna – 1995
  • Roger Bjorge & Kay – 1996
  • Randy Eddy & Judy – 1997
  • Herb French & Lorrayne – 1998
  • Pat Smith & Joanie – 1999
  • Art Fahey & Shelley – 2000
  • Bill Hoel & Karen – 2001
  • Jim Nesbitt & Bonnie – 2002
  • Bill Bray & Kathy – 2003
  • Bud Loomis & Sharon – 2004
  • Bob DiNicola & Bev – 2005
  • Tom Hundt & Roz – 2006
  • Steve Earp & Sharon – 2007
  • J. Michael Hartigan & Vicki – 2008
  • Dawson Strutt & Jackie – 2009
  • Mark Schneider & Peggy – 2010
  • Leo Bronston & Kim – 2011
  • Steve Christiansen and Pat 2012
  • John Lyche and Linda 2013

*In loving memory. Gone from us but never forgotten.

Thank you

2014 plays host to the 32nd annual Riverfest Celebration in La Crosse.  July 3rd, 4th, and 5th will display local and national talent ranging from musical guests to children’s performers and crafts all while celebrating our nation’s independence.  Riverfest could not continue without the support of our local government, sponsors, volunteer staff, and of course our patrons.  A button purchase has never been more important, not only does it allow viewing of all the entertainment that Riverfest has to offer but it also goes back to our community.  Riverfest continues its mission year after year of giving back to our local community in a few different ways.   Some funds go back to volunteer groups that come and assist with setup, teardown, or day to day operations, Riverfest also gives back nearly $10,000 to our local Park & Recreation Department, which goes to better the La Crosse Community for all those who live and visit our great area, and of course Riverfest also gives back by using local entertainment and companies whenever possible.  We hope that you and your family or friends will visit us during this wonderful time for our country and enjoy everything that Riverfest brings to our area; I hope to see you there!


Nick Bjerke – Riverfest President 2014

Preamble to the Riverfest Bluebook

Riverfest – established in 1983 to create and hold a family festival with “something for everyone”. Held annually in Riverside Park over the 4th of July weekend. Riverside should encourage citizens for the La Crosse area to celebrate the holiday at home and invite visitors from outside the area to join us for fireworks, entertainment, food and festivities and to encourage La Crosse area citizens to realize the beauty of this area with the parks and rivers.


Many times during La Crosse’s history, celebrations were held in La Crosse at the site of Riverside Park, even back to the very early days when fur traders and indians met to trade and celebrate.

In 1979 and 1980 , a Free Family Frolic was held in the event park as a promotion for the D.L.B.A. and Radisson Hotel. The 3 day event included buggy rides, clowns and entertainment. The La Crosse Jaycees had for several years set off the fireworks over the Mississippi River from Pettibone Park while spectators watched from Riverside Park and the bluffs surrounding La Crosse.

The present “Riverfest” began as an outgrowth of all these previous festivals. It started as a function of the La Crosse Area Convention and Visitors Bureau. In December of 1982, President Phil Quillin suggested to the chairman of the Tourism Committee, Mike Stout, that we establish a summer celebration around the 4th of July to keep people in the area; stay home to celebate the 4th.

Preliminary talks and ideas came from Mike Stout, Jack Clappier, Gary Roberts, Jim Burrows, Larry Quillin, and Mary Waldsmith Bott. Suggestions included continuing the fireworks providing entertainment and beer tent and somehow came up with the funding.

In January of 1983, a letter was sent to organizations, businesses and individuals by Mike Stout setting up a meeting at the Radisson Hotel on February 8th. Surprisingly, about 50 people showed up at the meeting. Some suggestions from the meeting included a polka band event, selling Uncle Sam hats, holding a flea market and an art show. At later meetings it was decided to sell buttons, beer, and soft drinks to fund the the festival. Gary Roberts suggested the name “Riverfest”, which was unanimously endorsed. A food fair was also planned to help defray costs. It was also decided to seek donations from area businesses.

In March of 1983, Dick Williams was asked to be the coordinator of Riverfest. Dick’s past experience with Oktoberfest and his organizational ability made him the perfect choice. An executive committee was established consisting of Mike Stout, Gary Roberts, Larry Quillin, Jeff Voss, Dick Williams, Jim Burrows, Jeff Francois, and Jack Clappier.