2016 Riverfest Medallion Found!

If you didn’t already know the medallion was found by Paul Magnuson this year at the Irish Gardens near Explore La Crosse and the Riverside International Friendship Gardens. Congrats Paul!   Prize Package Includes: 2 Tickets to Reinhart Burger Bash 4 Riverfest...

Riverfest Medallion Clue #4 6/18/16

Over the bridge, you may have gone too far, There’s fun at Riverfest  as you go spinning along, Up and Down, In and Out, food and Music are all about, You may have to lay down to take a rest, Then the medallion’s might be in close...

Clue #3 6/17/16

Clue #3 6/17/16  To have luck in this day look to the Queen, Start at the beginning, ward off competition, Take notes and team up, you’re on a mission Ponder your clues, you’ve made a good start!

Riverfest Medallion Clue #2 6/16/16

“Water slides” is an action, City parks keep on changing. Beauty to see if you look down the stream, The rivers, and bluffs, oh my! Over a bridge and north of Main, There’s access to all in this outdoor spot.

Riverfest Medallion Hunt 2016 Clue #1 6/15/16

Welcome Summer, Welcome Festers Riverfest is around the bend, our first medallion clue we send. You must find the medallion disc, water slides and fun is today’s only hint Search high and low, a glint you may see, We’re celebrating Riverfest...