Riverfest Commodore Raffle Winners

The winners of the Commodore Raffle are listed below. 1st Place – Dave Amborn 2nd Place – Sandy Kjome 3rd Place – Nichole Denison 4th Place – Tim Padesky 5th Place – Rob Palmberg

Medallion Hunt Clue #7

Hear the bands play; see the wind as the branches sway. We will see you here sooney. Many thanks to the family Mooney.

Medallion Hunt Clue #6

Sister, Sister, where is your mister? It’s a beautiful place to tie the knot. Here is a flower, in case you forgot.

Medallion Hunt Clue #5

The boats go by. The boats go by. Surrounded by water on almost all sides, far from the slough the medallion resides.