Here are some of our frequently asked questions and their respective answers.
When is Riverfest 2016?

Riverfest 2016 runs Friday, July 1st through Monday July 4th.

How much is admission to Riverfest?

A Riverfest Button is required for all days of the fest.  Button prices are $7 in advance and $10 at the gate.

Who needs a button?

Children 12 and under are free.

Do I need a button even to watch the fireworks?

Yes, buttons are required for any area north of State Street (Eagle Statue) for all days of the fest.

Why should I purchase a button?

As with most things, Riverfest has extensive expenses to cover including bands, location, restroom facilities, security and so on.  A button goes towards these services along with allowing Riverfest to give back to our community by donations to the volunteer groups working in places like our pop and beer areas.  The Board of Directors and other Riverfest staff are all completely volunteer and do not get paid for any time or services they provide.

When can I set up my tarp/blanket for the fireworks?

We ask that families wait to setup their tarp/blanket for the fireworks display until the morning of the display.  When they are laid out earlier it causes extreme damage to the city park and we try to leave the park in the best condition possible.

Are dogs allowed at Riverfest?

Leashed dogs are allowed in the park during Riverfest.  Please keep in mind however that some of our guests may be uneasy with certain animals and behaviors which may be exhibited.  We reserve the right to request those with animals exhibiting behaviors which may be aggressive or similar undesirable behavior to leave the park.  Also please ensure that proper cleanup items are available.

What events can we do as a family?

Riverfest prides itself with providing family friendly entertainment.  In fact the area south of State street which features our family stage remains free of charge and features everything from clown performances to juggliging acts and our family movie.  We also feature other acts on stages like a hyptonist and rotating yearly events in our Center Park stage that are family friendly.  Please keep in mind that although every attempt is made to ensure a family friendly experience with musical acts there may an occasional mess up by the bands.  Generally later evening groups will be more adult centered but families are still welcome to attend.

Why is food/Buttons/Beer so expensive?

Riverfest actually advises what the maximum price a food item can be.  We also make every effort to keep our costs down on other items but as years move on some costs do rise and we must act accordingly.

How can I get involved with Riverfest?

Riverfest is always looking for Directors, Staff, and other help throughout the year.  If you’re interested in becoming a Director please fill out the application located in the “Participate” section, otherwise fill out the “Contact Us” the form below to express your interest. Thank you!

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